FrackUpdate: June 9-12! URGENT:

Reposted from Clean Water For North Carolina

Senate Bill 820 is moving fast in the NC House! A new version of S820, to be heard in the House Environment Committee at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, will be unveiled shortly, but the changes are just tinkering around the edges. The bill would still: Legalize fracking and horizontal drilling now, with no further studies of potential impacts or NC-specific conditions, Create an industry-controlled Mining and Energy Commission that would have over-arching regulatory authority, Allow “forced pooling” of landowners who don’t want to lease or sell their mineral rights for drilling, Leave local governments who want to ban or control gas development vulnerable to preemption. PLEASE CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TODAY and tell them how important their vote is to you and your community, and that NC’s communities will NOT benefit economically, but will pay heavily in reduced protections for their health and safety, quality of life, water and air. To get your Representative’s contact info, click here. In today’s Frackupdate are two powerful stories about regulatory failure in North Dakota and California that could become what happens to North Carolina if we don’t keep working to rein in the rush to frack and weaken regulations here! Events 7-9 PM, June 15, Macon County Public Library: CWFNC’s Katie Hicks presents on fracking.7 PM, June 17th. The Depot in Hillsborough (Map/Directions). Free screening of “Message from the Marcellus.” A short film by Todd Tinkham with latest update from Hope Taylor. June 20, Hendersonville: Gasland Screening. Details TBA Recent News:



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