Frack Free Lobby Day


State lawmakers returned to Raleigh last week and pro-fracking legislators quickly introduced Senate Bill 8201, which would legalizing fracking within two years even if the state doesn’t adopt proper regulations and safeguards (if you believe it can even be properly regulated).

Can you send your state legislators a message urging them to oppose ANY bill that would promote fracking in North Carolina?

Fracking is a controversial method of drilling for natural gas (learn more here) that has been tied to groundwater contamination and controversy across the U.S. Some legislators here seem determined to legalize the practice, while ignoring some major news in North Carolina. Some of fracking’s dirty little secrets include:

  • Fracking in North Carolina would involve greater risk compared to other states because “North Carolina’s natural gas reserves are much closer to groundwater than in other states, and the rock in between is not watertight and could permit potent fracking chemicals to work their way upward and contaminate the aquifers.”2
  • Pro-fracking legislators and the fracking industry have claimed that we’re sitting on top of a goldmine of natural gas, but now those claims appear to be grossly overstated. State geologists are now estimating that the proclaimed 40-year supply is not accurate and that the reserves are “closer to an amount that’s equivalent to about five years of the state’s natural gas use.”3
  • Some legislators are touting fracking as a key to economic recovery for North Carolina. Here’s what they’re not saying…the gas industry predicts North Carolina has so little gas that they would not come here for over 20 years. In fact, they also predict that the average number of jobs the gas industry would create in NC is only around 387 statewide. These legislators want you to believe that fracking will bring a tidal wave of jobs, but the facts say otherwise. If jobs really were a priority, why did the legislature pass a budget last year that cut 4,800 jobs from North Carolina’s public school system?4

It’s obvious that North Carolina shouldn’t open the door to this industry at a time when there are still many questions about the process and the impacts to our communities.

Tell your legislators to oppose any bill that would put us on a path to legalizing fracking today.

NC Conservation Network


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  1. SOLIDARITY… FRACK FREE NEW YORK and FRACK FREE NATION wishes NC success in remaining Frack Free… we will be holding our own day of peaceful action in Albany, NY on June 5th.

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