Frack Alert!

 Senate Bill 820 is Moving Quickly—Contact your legislators by “Call-in/Write-in Day,” Wed., May 23!! 

The very aggressive fracking bill sponsored by Senator Bob Rucho was filed last week as Senate Bill 820 and is likely to move quickly in the Senate, perhaps with a first committee hearing this week.  Sponsors: Senators Rucho, Blake, Walters;  Co-sponsors: Allran, Apodaca, Bingham, Brock, Brown, Brunstetter, Carney, Daniel, Davis, East, Goolsby, Gunn, Harrington, Hartsell, Hise, Jackson, Meredith, Newton, Pate, Preston, Rabon, Rouzer, Soucek, Stevens, Tillman, Tucker, and Westmoreland.

To find contact information for your legislators, click here, and select “county” “zip code (9 digit)” or “district” if you know it. Senators are most urgent, but we recommend calling your county’s Representatives as well, to prepare them to respond the terrible provisions of this bill. House members will be busy with the budget for the next week or so.

Be sure to ask your Senator or Representative to OPPOSE S820 or any bill that would legalize fracking and leave NC communities’ water, air and infrastructure vulnerable!  New information indicates that the amount of gas in NC shales may be a 5 year supply or less—it’s just not worth an expensive regulatory program, and all the damage extracting it could cause.

S820 would immediately legalize fracking, horizontal drilling and even injection of toxic wastewater from fracking operations! On July 1, 2014, no matter what we know about NC conditions, shallow shales, water resources, etc, and how little progress we’ve made on regulations, permits could be issued for exploration and production! A new Oil and Gas board, dominated by industry interests, would control all activities. DENR would have little control over environmental protections.

S820 provides no protection for landowners, continuing to allow “forced pooling” to drill for resources under lands of folks who don’t want to lease! Info on drilling operations could be hidden for two years and local governments would be stripeed of the authority to control or ban gas development.

Please plan to join us on Tuesday, June 5, as we strive to fill the halls of the General Assembly to meet with our legislators and let them know there’s simply NO reason to legalize fracking in NC!  A pathetic amount of gas, a trivial amount of jobs and lots of potential damage to communities’ well being, drinking water, air, roads and landscapes.

Please call or write your legislators today, and be sure to ask them to OPPOSE S820 or any bill that would legalize fracking!  Then let us know what you hear back from them….THANKS!

(reposted from Clean Water for North Carolina)


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