So Much For Waiting Two years

 FrackUpdate: April 14-17
Sen Rucho’s Terrible Bill: Legalize Fracking, Undermine Local Control

Sen. Rucho and colleagues rolled out their proposal for oil and gas this week, and it’s even worse than we feared.  It would immediately allow exemptions from state rules preventing high pressure injections and horizontal drilling for gas extraction and even waste injection, making fracking a “done deal” in NC, with a vulnerable two year moratorium on permits. The bill would create a new Oil and Gas Board that would conflict with DENR authority for environmental protection, and undermine local control of oil and gas activities.MORE DETAILS AND ACTION STEPS IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!



April 22, 2012 · 10:30 pm

2 responses to “So Much For Waiting Two years

  1. We are sharing your blog on “Lee County NC say NO to fracking” page on facebook. Please leaves links there too if you like. Thanks for the great info. Peace

  2. Laurie Kaplan Bakay

    We were petrified that it would go this way. We can only pray for the welfare of all. Once the gas co has the door opened for them it’s over. They will destroy us.

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