Legislator Special Session Feb.16th

Special legislative session starts Feb.16th—have you talked to your Rep. recently about fracking and Senate Bill 709?!?

The “Drill Baby Drill,” Senate Bill 709, was vetoed by Gov. Perdue last June, but Republican House leadership may try again to override it during a special session starting on Thursday, Feb. 16th. While we think that recent events and media attention may be reducing support for the aggressive approach of S709, remember that if the votes against S709 don’t show up, there COULD be a vote called to override the veto! Representatives respond best when they hear from their own constituents.

Please send your Representative a unique, individualized email or give them a call by noon on Feb. 16th to let them know how concerned you are for North Carolina’s drinking water, air and communities. The issues that seem to raise the broadest concerns are lack of landowner protections, vulnerability of thousands of well users and economic and social disruptions of communities in gas development areas. Ask your representative to be sure to vote AGAINST the resolution to override the veto of S709! Here’s where to get home district contact information for your House member: http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/gascripts/members/memberList.pl?sChamber=House

For those who haven’t seen it here is an excellent presentation by a credible and experienced TX financial analyst, Deborah Rogers, explaining the gas industry’s cynical inflation of jobs numbers, the amount of gas that will be available and appearances of continued growth to dupe more investors onto what she describes as the drilling “treadmill.”


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